Strategically allocating to broad commodities via a systematic, optimised approach

Nitesh Shah, Director, Research, WisdomTree

Historically, commodities have performed well in the late business cycle and it is against this backdrop that investor demand for broad commodity solutions has remained strong in 2019. Commodities can be a great portfolio diversifier, helping investors to improve risk-adjusted returns. At this event, Nitesh Shah, Director - Research WisdomTree, will provide an outlook for commodities offering his views on the underlying fundamentals driving commodity prices across the complex after a strong start to 2019. He will then provide an update on the Optimised Roll Commodity strategy. In particular, he will look at how enhanced broad commodity strategies can be used as a strategic alternative to traditional front-month commodity benchmarks and active commodity strategies, lowering commodity portfolio volatility through a systematic and dynamic management of futures curve exposure whilst capturing potential alpha in commodity carry over the long-term.


How to look for quality growth, low beta and outperformance through a unique thematic investment approach 100% ESG

Anu Narula, Head of Global Equities & Lead Portfolio Manager, MIRABAUD Asset Management

The Economic recovery since the GFC has been the longest expansion on record. It has also been the slowest. There are secular reasons for this. In a slow growth world, we use Themes to identify areas where industries are growing faster than GDP on a sustainable basis. This corresponds to areas where demand is greater than supply, where companies have pricing power. An example of this is our Service Economy theme, introduced this year as services now represent more than 50% GDP for in China (and other Emerging markets) for the first time. We currently have exposure to 8 Themes in the fund. Themes provide companies with a growth tailwind. We then identify global leaders that are exposed to these themes, and that can capitalize on the opportunity this presents


Generating Equity-Like Return with higher Sharpe Ratio and lower volatility

Corrado Gaudenzi, Head of Long-Term Sustainable Strategies, Eurizon Capital SGR

In a scenario of economic growth below historical average and nominal interest rates near zero, achieving positive real returns with a high Sharpe Ratio and below average equity volatility is our goal. A unique investment approach based on a disciplined flexible equity allocation and the selection of sustainable high dividend stocks are the key elements of Eurizon Fund Azioni Strategia Flessibile aimed at seizing the risk-adjusted opportunities offered by core equity markets.

Corrado will explain the sound fundamental pillars underlying this investment process and then analyse how the strategy has delivered a consistent track record since inception and how it's expected to behave in the foreseeable market scenario.

Stocks Follow Profits; the Artisan Partners Growth Team

Steve Butler, Senior Product Specialist, Director, Artisan Partners

The Artisan Partners Growth Team believe that stocks follow profits. The team seeks high-quality franchises trading at a reasonable discount to their value as a private company and utilise a unique approach to confidence weighting the portfolios. The team have a strong preference for investments in areas of the global economy with a tendency toward disruption and innovation. The Growth team's strategies offer clients high active share and a strong focus on absolute return.


There's such thing as Free Lunch: Japanese Small & Micro Cap family companies

Marc Garrigasait, Fund Manager, Gesiuris Asset Management

After years of research and investing in Japan our team has discovered a tremendous opportunity to invest in highly undervalued Japanese Small & Micro Cap family companies. There is a combination of factors that explain that undervaluation such as lack of information, a big universe of Japanese Companies trading in the stock exchange or the impact of the 80' financial bubble and massive passive investing in Japan.


ESG, diversity and gender parity in the industry: Progress made and battles ahead

Madalena Antolin Teixeira, Senior Portfolio Manager, ASK Patrimonios

The WEF's latest Global Gender Gap Report highlighted that global gender parity still lies more than 200 years away and no country in the world has achieved gender equality. When looking specifically at the financial sector, the parity figures are astonishing: just 25% of board members and 6% of financial services firms' chief executives are women. Madalena Teixeira, senior portfolio manager at Lisbon-based ASK WM, will address the issue of gender parity in the sector, sharing an overview of the way it has evolved over the past 20 years. As the Iberia representative for the Association of Professional Fund Investors (APFI), she will outline how the association is working on diversity promotion while sharing her thoughts on ESG and how it could be better applied internally by fund professionals.

Convertible Bonds - The solution to the asset allocation conundrum?

David Sugarman, Head of Convertible and Credit Research, Polar Capital

Following a decade-long bull market for risky assets and generation-long bull market for risk-free assets, the potential for capital gain appears mitigated across most asset classes while the risk of losing capital appears elevated. Consequently, investors are increasingly looking for absolute return options to replace much of the equity/credit beta they have relied upon for returns for so long.


Reducing risk using a Value and Quality investment approach

Lars Nielsen, Senior Product Specialist, BMO Global Asset Management

Multi-Asset has become fashionable. How can we generate returns with low risk using a Value and Quality approach to multi-asset absolute return investing? Lars will discuss Pyrford's Global Absolute Return strategy's approach which combines a top-down allocation process with bottom-up stock selection. The only building blocks needed are global equities, high quality sovereign bonds and cash. This approach focuses on investors not losing money, which is the key to long-term success.

A walk through the fixed income landscape

Antoine Lesné, Head of SPDR ETF Strategy & Research EMEA, State Street Global Advisors, SPDR ETFs

Learn where trillions of dollars in fixed income assets moved in Q1 2019, and how investors can position their portfolios in the search for income. Join us also for a discussion of the facts versus fictions of fixed income ETFs - an increasingly important topic given that fixed income ETF assets surpassed $1trn in April 2019.

Merger Investing - Earning non-market correlated returns

Anthony Lombardi, Research Analyst, Gabelli Funds

Gabelli has been managing dedicated merger arbitrage portfolios since 1985, as an extension of its private market value with a Catalyst approach to value investing. The firm's objectives are to compound and preserve wealth over time, while remaining non-correlated to the broad equity and fixed income markets. The company says it works to achieve this by investing globally across the spectrum of announced merger transactions. Its portfolios are a highly liquid, non-market correlated, proven, and consistent alternative to traditional equity and fixed income securities. It looks for transactions with high strategic and synergistic rationale in industries it knows well leveraging fundamental research of over 40 Gabelli industry analysts.