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KEYNOTE - Venture capital as an emerging market asset class: A view from Europe

Venture capital is becoming a major trend of investment, with 100bn invested in 2018 in the US and the same amount in China. In Europe we are approaching 25bn but above all the scale of major tech companies. In 2018 some of the major listings of tech companies came out of Europe like Farfetch, Spotify, or Adyen, all multi-billionaire listings in the Nasdaq and the Euronext. More interestingly startup up unicorns and raising from all the European cities now beyond the axis London, Paris, Berlín... Farfetch is a Porto born startup, Spotify grew up in Stockholm and Adyen is from Amsterdam. European startups are now raising from all over the place.

  • Javier Santiso, CEO & Founder, Mundi Ventures

Location: Library


ESG, diversity and gender parity in the industry: Progress made and battles ahead

  • Madalena Antolin Teixeira, Senior Portfolio Manager, ASK Patrimonios

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