Translating Asia's growth

Andrew Graham, Portfolio Manager, Head of Asia
Legg Mason Global Asset Management

Asia’s growth story and its attractiveness as an investment destination are well known – however, the region’s stockmarkets have not consistently delivered this growth to investors. The objective of the Asia Long-Term Unconstrained strategy is to enable a clearer translation of nominal GDP growth into the returns we deliver to clients. The key to this is a focus on companies that are capable of translating the region’s economic growth into sustainable profit and cashflow growth. We use a ‘buy and hold’ investment approach in a high conviction portfolio, employing accounting diagnostics techniques to gain an in-depth understanding of company fundamentals and place a strong emphasis on corporate governance. The outcome for our clients is a portfolio that efficiently captures the Asian growth story with lower volatility and low turnover.

Universe Construction for the Climate Transition

Rick Stathers, Senior ESG analyst, Climate Specialist
Aviva Investors

This session will review the methodology developed for creating an investment universe for the transition to a warmer, low-carbon world. Many climate related funds are first or second generation in nature, i.e focussing on those companies providing solutions to climate breakdown, however with decarbonisation and the physical impacts of climate change affecting the value chain of all actors in the global economy a methodology was created to identify not only those companies that provide solutions to climate breakdown, but also those companies who are orientating their business models for a warmer, low carbon world.

Investing to Solve Urbanisation Challenges

Steve Freedman, Senior Product Specialist, Pictet Asset Management

Urbanization is undoubtedly one of the most powerful trends that will shape our societies in the decades ahead. With nearly 70 percent of the world's population expected to live in cities by 2050, up from 55 percent today, this massive shift presents both opportunities to solve pressing problems and new challenges that will need to be addressed. The now one year old Pictet - SmartCity Strategy is the latest in our thematic equities offering. It seeks to achieve competitive long-term returns by investing in companies globally that offer solutions to the challenges of urbanization and contribute to improving the quality of life in cities. It invests in a variety of areas ranging from urban development, intelligent building technology and digital infrastructure to advanced transportation, housing solutions and intelligent workplaces.